REI Quick Start

During a recent 30 day period, I booked wholesale deals worth $98,151.74 in wholesale fees.

Using nothing more than the process I teach in this program.

Have your attention?

Listen – I’m not some big time goo-roo. Or someone who teaches stuff that he doesn’t do. Far from it. I’m a regular person just like you – with a day job, two mortgages and a wife and kids to feed.

And I’m also someone who’s having tremendous success with wholesale real estate investing. So I developed this program to teach my approach to people like you so you can use it to make some money with real estate.

So I don’t have some slick sales pitch for you. Don’t need one.

What I have is results. And they speak for themselves.

So the only question is, do you want to learn a process that in 2015 generated leads and deals worth over $100,000 in wholesale fees?

If the answer is yes, then you’re in the right place.

I’m Dennis Fassett. I’m a real estate investor. A Dad. And I do some teaching on the side.

After talking to and working with literally dozens of new folks, I’ve developed a streamlined and straightforward educational program specifically targeted on helping new real estate investors get their first check.

In contrast to the often ridiculously complex (and EXPENSIVE) programs the goo-roos pitch, this program is simple.

I will teach you ONE path to getting your first check. That means I’m going to teach you

  • ONE source of leads
  • ONE way to contact them
  • ONE real estate investing strategy


  • You DON’T need money for anything other than marketing
  • You DON’T need to know how to estimate rehab repairs
  • You DON’T need to have any experience in real estate – at all

Doesn’t that sound a lot easier to implement than some complex strategy that requires an MBA and a ton of money?

And I’ll tell you how simple this is. It’s so simple that my son in high school does most of the work for me during the summers when he’s off school.

The truth is, it’s simple because it goes back to what I call “Old School REI”. These are the exact same techniques that I used when I got started way back in 2004.

And guess what? I never STOPPED using them. And they work even better today than they did back then.

So – if you’re looking to get into real estate investing, and you’re tired of the goo-roo hype, then this is the course for you.

This course is a comprehensive. Everything you need to get your first check is included. In addition to the video training sessions there are checklists, action items, tools, templates, and other resources for you to use.

This program has 16 sessions, which include:

  • Money and Credit
  • An Overview of Real Estate Investing Strategies
  • Self Assessment
  • Creating Your Business Plan
  • The Seven Steps to Getting Started
  • The BEST Source of Leads
  • Finding and Processing Leads
  • Contacting Leads and Talking to Them When They Call
  • The Property Visit
  • Analyzing the Deal
  • Getting the Deal Under Contract
  • How to Find Buyers for Your Deal
  • How to Sell Your Deal and Get a Check!
  • My secret weapon – CO-WHOLESALING

It also has specific action steps that you can take to get started TODAY.

And it starts from scratch, so you don’t have to have an ounce of experience with real estate.

Here’s the first session – take a look an and get an overview of what I cover in the program:

In addition – I recently added a brand new session on CO-WHOLESALING. This is a relatively new technique that I’ve been using that has produced tremendous results. And it has also opened up Real Estate Wholesaling to people with absolutely ZERO experience in real estate.

The only question I have left is – are you ready to get started?

Enroll NOW and join over 700 other people who have used this roadmap to get stared with real estate investing.