Here you can find my current product offerings. To get a more detailed description, click on the “Learn More” button at the end of each product description. If you need assistance, please send me an email.

REI Quick Start (Online Video Training)

REI Quick StartAre you ready to get started with Real Estate Investing? Or have you already gotten started but are frustrated with your progress? Then my REI Quick Start program is for you.

It’s 14 content packed sessions where I walk you through the one best path to getting your first check with real estate investing. It’s the path that I took when I got started. It’s a path that doesn’t take an MBA to understand, nor does it require any money. 



Probate Real Estate (Online Video Training)

How to Buy Probate Real EstateEstate executors are some of the most motivated sellers that you’ll run in to. They’re usually REQUIRED to sell a house as part of the estate. And they ALWAYS want the cash yesterday. 

That’s where YOU come in! 

The best deals I have ever done have been probates. I’ve been chasing them now since 2004, and they continue to provide a steady flow of deals, whether you are a buy-and-hold investor like me, or you wholesale or flip. This training will teach you the process and the critically important psychology of using direct mail to find these types of deals. It also includes my tested and proven letter sequence to the person handling the estate.

Probate Real Estate

Single Family Rentals 101 (Online Video Training)

Single Family Rentals 101This is comprehensive training on how to identify, buy, rent, and manage residential “Set and Forget” suburban rental houses.

This training starts from absolute scratch, so you don’t have to know anything about real estate to get started. And the training provides specific action items to help you get started on your first house on Day 1.

This training is 100% complete and includes all of the knowledge, tools, and resources that I use every day in expanding and managing my rental portfolio. 

Single Family Rentals 101

Real Estate Private Money 101 (Online Video Training)

I have raised over $1.6 million in Private Money without ever asking anyone for a dime.Real Estate Private Money 101

This training will teach you my process for getting the word out on what you’re doing, and making your business so compelling that people will offer you money like they did for me.

Includes 11 in-depth training sessions AND my all important and EXCLUSIVE Private Money Pitch Package, which is the Microsoft Word template that I’ve developed to properly present deals to my private investors. This one resource is worth the price of the entire course.

Real Estate Private Money 101

Apartment Building Quick Cash (Online Video Training)

How to Buy Your First Apartment BuildingI bought my first Apartment Building 87 days after I started looking for it.

And I bought it without using a dime of my own money.

This program is the roadmap that will teach you how to do the same thing. It’s absolutely comprehensive. And it starts from scratch so you don’t have to know anything about apartment buildings OR real estate investing in order to use it. I use plain english and I explain the terms and expressions used in commercial real estate so you’ll sound like “one of the good old boys”.

Apartment Building Quick Cash

Apartment FLIPPING Quick Cash (Online Video Training)

How to Flip Apartment BuildingsThis is my exclusive add-on the the Apartment Building Quick Cash (ABQC) program.

It builds on what you learn in ABQC, but instead of teaching you how to hold, this program teaches you to FLIP Apartment Buildings. For FIVE FIGURE checks. Without using ANY of your own money.

But it’s only available to investors who have enrolled in the Apartment Building Quick Cash Program.

Apartment Flipping Quick Cash

How to Buy Your FIRST Set and Forget Rental House (Book)

My book on buying rental real estate. Learn the basics of my approach to identifying, buying, renting, and managing Set and Forget Real EstateSet and Forget residential real estate.

Forward by Mark Ijlal.





Set and Forget Rental Houses