REITD 002: Jeremy Burgess – Detroit Market Expert and Urban Homesteader

Jeremy Burgess Detroit Market ExpertIn this episode I interview Jeremy Burgess, the Detroit Market Expert and Urban Homesteader.

Jeremy has been knocked down and lost everything. Twice. And he goto back up both times. I think he epitomizes the guts and determination that’s required to succeed if you invest in the city of Detroit.

REI News

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by two smaller hedge funds. Both are looking to build a portfolio of rental homes here in the suburbs. They’d both like to build up to a purchase volume of ten homes per month. So I’m looking to put together a small group of folks with the money and the ability to do that kind of volume here on a consistent basis.

So if you’d like to participate with funding deals, or if you can do some volume in the suburbs (not including cities like Pontiac or Inkster) then go to the contact page and let’s talk.

Jeremy’s Current Business

REITD 001: Welcome to REI Talk Detroit

we buy houses detroit

Welcome to REI Talk Detroit – the show for and about real estate investing in metro detroit.

In this kickoff episode I introduce the show, tell you how it’s going to the structured, and very briefly give you my background. And in the money talks segment I tell you how I’m funding my deals.

REI Talk Detroit is a show by and for real estate investors here in the Metro Detroit area.

Each week I’m going to interview someone in the real estate investing space here in metro detroit.

Most of the people I’ll be interviewing will be investors. A few though will be service providers such as private money lenders, property inspectors, and contractors.

Each quarter we’re going to talk to one or two real estate agents about the state of the market, and I’m also planning on having shark tank type sessions and open Q&A sessions with private lenders

Everyone that I talk to though will have one thing in common – they will be actively involved in real estate investing in some way in metro Detroit.