It’s Private Money Ninja Time

Real Estate Private Money 101I’m sure you at least heard about the carnage in the stock market yesterday. The DJIA was down 391, which made this the third worst week for the stock market in history.

And it was only Thursday.

As I write this the market looks like it will open even lower this morning. And gold continued to fall overnight.

There doesn’t seem like there’s anywhere to turn, does it?

And that’s a good thing. A very good thing.

Because the more that people are scared of paper investments, like stocks, that they have absolutely no control over, the more they realize they want something different.

Something closer to home.

Something less risky.

And something they can put their hands on. Have you ever actually seen a stock certificate?

Get the picture? You are the answer to their fears.

That’s right. because you can give them something local. Something less risky. And most of all, something they can touch.

Don’t underestimate the power of having something that they can physically touch.

In fact two of my private investors email me at least once a month telling me how they drove by “our” houses, and how great they look and how well well taken care of they are.

They LOVE the fact that they can drive by their “investment” and see that it’s still physically there. And I love the fact they they want local investment!

You have a lot to offer right now in these uncertain times.

So you need to be out and about TODAY looking for opportunities to tell people how happy your are about the economy.

Notice what I said. You shouldn’t be out there pitching anyone. That’s actually the worst possible thing you can do.

No – you need to be telling people how happy you are, becuase that will draw them into a conversation about your business.

And that almost always leads to a conversation about how you fund your deals. And once they start asking about that, they’re usually hooked. Then they’ll offer you money. This is what happened with each of the private investors I have now.

So it’s time to get out there and be a Private Money Ninja. TODAY!

There is no better time than right now when everyone is flocking into cash, and putting it in checking accounts that earn 0% interest.

So get out there – today. There are lots of people waiting for what you have to offer.


I'm a real estate investor in Metro Detroit.

My primary focus right now is wholesaling, but I also own a portfolio of profitable rental properties. And I work a full time day job.

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