After All the Volatility And All The Promise – All You Get Is A Measly 6.4%


Recognize those numbers?

I know that some of you do. And those do should be fatally disappointed with them.


Because they represent the opening and closing Dow Jones Industrial Average numbers for 2007.

2007 opened at 12,463
2007 closed at 13,264

A whopping 801 point increase for the year.

An increase of 6.4%. For the entire year. (But don’t feel so bad – the S&P 500 posted an increase of only 3.5% for the year)

That stinks. 3.5%? 6.4%? My money market account pays something close to that. Without the risk OR the volatility.

And don’t get me started again on volatility. Did you realize that during the year the Dow posted nearly a dozen days where the average dropped more than 2%? I don’t know how some investors sleep at night!

So my question to you is this. What’s your plan for 2008?

More of the same and another 3.5% or 6.4% with the sleepless nights thrown in for free?

Or are you ready for something better. A better way that’s more secure, less volatile, and with a fixed rate of return. Basically everything the Dow is not.

Isn’t finally time to look at something different?

Then why not rocket out of the gate in 2008?

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My primary focus right now is wholesaling, but I also own a portfolio of profitable rental properties. And I work a full time day job.

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