Can You Afford to Lose Any MORE Ground?

This is the performance of your retirement account while you have been investing in the stock market over the last six months. Look familiar? 

DOW - 6 months  111307.png


Take a closer look at the chart – over the last six months the market has been down – despite those huge peaks that you see. That means a negative ROI – and the fact that you probably lost money – and lost ground. Is this going to impact when you can retire? 

Now take a look at the chart below. This is the annual ROI that my private investors have earned since the beginning of the year. Notice any difference? The chart below kind of looks like the tortoise, doesn’t it? And the one above the hare?


MPSG ROI3.jpg 

My question to you is – which ROI do you think is going to come out ahead at the end of the year?

Which chart would you rather have associated with your retirement accounts? 


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