Cash Flow Real Estate Investing TV: The Mutual Fund Farce

Entirely by accident I listened to a few minutes of the mutual fund sales puke show on one of our local radio stations. Talk about selective perception. This clown takes the cake. When the market is up – it’s a RALLY AND BUY EVERYTHING YOU CAN GET YOUR HANDS ON. And guess what? When the market is down, IT”S AN OPPORTUNITY TO BUY BECAUSE EVERYTHING IS CHEAP!!!

Dennis is an active real estate investor based in Metro Detroit.

In addition to his day job, at present he holds a portfolio of rental houses and he's an active wholesaler who has closed deals in real estate markets throughout the country.

He's also a published author of a book on rental house investing called "How to Buy Your First Set and Forget Rental House", and has trained over 1000 new real estate investors on how to get started with real estate.

You can reach him directly at dennis at dennisfassett dot com