Cash Flow Real Estate Investing TV: Shorts, Pick Axes, Social Media, and Getting it Done

When I moved back to Michigan in 1998 after living in California for 12 years, I made up my mind that I would psychologically will myself to wear shorts into December. Well guess what? It wasn’t a psychological issue – it was a physical one. And I find that the same goes with work. I can appreciate all the happy head social media experts posting their feel good quotes and smiley faces all over facebook, but sometimes it’s not about psyching yourself up or being happy. Sometimes it’s about getting a pick axe and just getting the job done.

Cash Flow Real Estate Investing TV: Perspective Matters with Pricing

This is another one of those “Captain Obvious” reports. After the Apartment Bus Tour last month a couple of offers came in on buildings we looked at that made me realize how important perspective and experience are with respect to pricing offers. And how they are not often easily transferable between different types of real estate investing.

Cash Flow Real Estate Investing TV: The Mutual Fund Farce

Entirely by accident I listened to a few minutes of the mutual fund sales puke show on one of our local radio stations. Talk about selective perception. This clown takes the cake. When the market is up – it’s a RALLY AND BUY EVERYTHING YOU CAN GET YOUR HANDS ON. And guess what? When the market is down, IT”S AN OPPORTUNITY TO BUY BECAUSE EVERYTHING IS CHEAP!!!

Cash Flow Real Estate Investing TV: Brian Pilarski on the Bus Tour

Brian is another one of the experts that I rely on in my business. His focus is commercial property insurance. And that’s REALLY his focus – he’s not the guy that writes the homeowner’s policy on your personal residence and then says “sure, I can give you a quote on that apartment building”.

Here we were talking about safety issues like security cameras, smoke detectors, and sprinkler systems. You’ll see why it pays to bring your insurance agent into your Apartment purchase decision process early.