REITD 001: Welcome to REI Talk Detroit

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Welcome to REI Talk Detroit – the show for and about real estate investing in metro detroit.

In this kickoff episode I introduce the show, tell you how it’s going to the structured, and very briefly give you my background. And in the money talks segment I tell you how I’m funding my deals.

REI Talk Detroit is a show by and for real estate investors here in the Metro Detroit area.

Each week I’m going to interview someone in the real estate investing space here in metro detroit.

Most of the people I’ll be interviewing will be investors. A few though will be service providers such as private money lenders, property inspectors, and contractors.

Each quarter we’re going to talk to one or two real estate agents about the state of the market, and I’m also planning on having shark tank type sessions and open Q&A sessions with private lenders

Everyone that I talk to though will have one thing in common – they will be actively involved in real estate investing in some way in metro Detroit.

Some of the folks you’ll know. Others you won’t. Some will have big business, some won’t. And some will have a ton of experience, and some will be rookies.

And I don’t plan to do any lecturing.

Instead, I’ll be focusing on experiences. Success and failures. Challenges and stories. And through them we’ll do some knowledge sharing that I hope will help educate you, inspire you, and give you new ideas that you can implement in your own real estate investing business.

Each episode will be broken down into four parts.

Segment 1 will be local REI news.
Segment 2 will be the interview
Segment 3 will be Money Talks, where I’ll ask each guest how they’re funding their deals, since that the question that I get most often.
And in Segment 4 my guest or I will answer listener submitted Questions

In this kick-off episode I basically interview myself for segments 2 and 3. If you already know me then this will be a repeat. If we don’t know each other then I encourage you to listen in and let me know if we should be doing business together.

I do need to make a request. If you have feedback on the show, a question you’d like answered, a news item, or perhaps a recommendation of someone you’d like me to interview, or if you’d like to be a guest on the show, simply go to the website for the show and let me know about it. And I’ll take it from there.

I'm a real estate investor in Metro Detroit.

My primary focus right now is wholesaling, but I also own a portfolio of profitable rental properties. And I work a full time day job.